20 October 2013

little witches going sweet

Sweet details are something that is not usually familiar with the Gothic mood. Since we like unusual, we love to add a little of sweet and simple to our dark moods. Therefore contrast collar (Peter Pan, circle, ruffled or the narrow one) will turn us into Gothic princesses with the help of proper black dress. And simple neckline embellishment is always a good choice for sweet little witches that are so cool these days. Inspiration: take a look at eternal inspiration, mademoiselle Wednesday Addams (illustrated here by adnamaamanda on deviantart) or absolutely adorable The Little Witch of Greenwich on The Ones To Watch, photographed and directed by Hana Knizova and styled by Lucia Hajnikova. If we only had the ginger hair!!

Dresses in collage: Meadham Kirchhoff black velvet Ophelia dress from Avenue 32, black oversized crinkled dress from Comme Des Garçons with contrasting white French collar from Farfetch


Katie Frank said...

Oh my <3 Wednesday ! This is so inspiring <3


Sarah said...

This is so perfect, especially since I just ordered a Wednesday dress from asos and have settled on going as her for Halloween. :) xoxo

Nancy Wilde said...

Wednesday Addams is an all-time fav when it comes to inspiration. She rocks a classic collared dressed (pointy or Peter Pan!) in a way that really is empowering to any goth girl. Lydia Deetz is another style icon, speaking of gloomy frocks.
Necklace embellishment, as you mention, is the key for style! Much more charming than a mouthwatering cleavage. x