23 October 2013

music videos in 1960s style..oh oui!

If you haven’t heard already about French singer and songwriter Petite Meller (which is offence per se) now it’s the right time for a proper introduction. The girl with a sweet voice and pink cheeks recently came out with a new video for her newest single Backpack that was filmed around the village Garabit, the summer residence of Matisse and Picasso. The video for the single is kind of homage to Petite’s childhood days spent on French Riviera where she as a child was giggling at all old madams and gentlemen in tacky bathing suits. Therefore the talented team responsible for the video together with Petite tried to capture her juvenile memories through the lens of the 1960s masters Truffaut and Godard. 
Petite Meller is one of those French girls that with her beauty a la Brigitte Bardot and charm of Mia Farrow could easily fit in the days of Nouvelle Vague cinema. Actually Petite reminds a lot of Mia in a curly hair days. Besides we could look at her for ages, we could easily listen to her easy jazzy melodies all day long with carefree breeze somewhere by the pool. 
Jauntiness, prettiness, pools and châteaux are really misslikey’s thing so that’s the reason why Backpack deserves total respect here. Talented London-based stylist Nao Koyabu did an amazing job with the styling of Petite Meller and models. With the girly dresses, striped little things that remind of lingerie, Victorian nightgowns and lovely boater hats, swimsuits designed specially for the video by Vin + Omi and swim caps in 1930s style, she recreated aura of French Riviera in the 1960s. And yes we are totally jealous how that pinkish coat and Simone Rocha plastic heel brogues look on Petite! 

see video and loads of pretty video snapshots I took below
Petite Meller's facebook page

amazing video is directed by A.T.Mann and Napoleon Habeica (editor of Baby Baby Baby Magazine)


Katie Frank said...

I'm in love with this video <3 everything is so retro and so perfect, oh <3


Nancy Wilde said...

I've always loved Petite Meller, ever since she catched my eye while part of Terry Poison! She is the ultimate Lolita and I'm absolutely smitten with her. Also love her cover of "Joe Le Taxi" :) Everything about this video is eye candy. I had to click pause several times. The styling is really to die for and she is mesmerizing. Glad you brought this up! :D x