17 November 2013

China Darling...Xinyuan Zhang

In the high competitive world of modeling, we get amazed by new faces we see every day but we will forget about these astonishing beauties soon as the new model pops in to win our heart. Of course there are those whose face we won’t forget so easily. Xinyuan Zhang is one of those girls.
Born in Hubei Province of China, she graduated from Central Academy of Drama in Beijing and became popular through social networks. Once being discovered, her face graced the cover of I-D Magazine and pages of many others. Not only she has a face of porcelain doll, but this young lady is very self-aware and through her modeling career has developed unique aesthetic vision and oriental wisdom saying no to vulgar photo shootings and editorials. And her personal style is all about collar dresses, exaggerated accessories, red lipstick and unique pieces of headwear. We love her even more once we found about that! 

 xinyuan zhang's website / instagram


Jaymie said...

Shes stunning <3

Katie Frank said...

omg this girl is so beautiful, it's way too hard to handle it! <3