03 December 2013

through the looking-glass...of Leith Clark

Leith Clark has been for the long time role model in many ways for teenage girls and those little bit older. This dreamy-minded girl, founder of our beloved publication Lula (we are so sad the 17th issue was the last one) has the perfect sense of style and strong voice of young, successful and determined woman who at the same time loves frocks that look like cupcakes. I do believe what you think reflects your style in many ways and always has been interesting to see how her feminist thoughts reflect her juvenile style. 
These days Leith’s thoughts were about the vision of a world through spectacles and she did a collaboration with Warby Parker, opticians whose philosophy is to create boutique-quality, classically crafted eyewear at a revolutionary price point. Inspired by smart-looking and smart-thinking individualists (like Zoe Kazan who models for lookbook), 1960s, librarians, nerdy girls, five models Marva, Greta, Aurora, Wednesday, and Willow come in both optical and sunwear. 
Leith likes glasses we had when we were kids—or that our dad wore when we were kids—and wearing them now. She likes Bergman. Big thick glasses on a little, tiny face. When there are etchings or engravings or magically-made materials. She like pearls, brass, opera glasses. Everything being all violet. She like seeing the world with a pretty pink tint to it. Leith collaboration with  Warby Parker just confirmed what we have known for a while now- somehow we just love to observe the world through Leith Clark’s point of view.

 see more of the loveliness below and visit Warby Parker for more info

Warby Parker is company with a good cause- for every pair of glasses sold, a pair is distributed to someone in need. 


Sarah said...

Such a beautiful collection and charming styling c/o Leith. She has yet to disappoint me with any of her endeavors and I would most definitely wear any of these pieces! <3 xoxo

paperdoll chronicles said...

Thank you for sharing Leith's glasses range I am a huge fan of Lula and adore Leith's style. I need to get my paws on a pair of these glasses, medical sight issues never looked so stylish!

XO's P

Carissa Clark said...

AHmazzing, I love her. Can't wait to see the wary parker collection.