07 December 2009

#1 Party dress report...DIY

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There are rumors that some glam girls are waiting whole year for Christmas holidays to shine up and be absolutely irresistible in holiday season.
Whether you’re not that passionate fashy from that block, there is still tiny part of us that is really looking forward for the sparkle of holiday. With all the glossy magazines, party reports with holiday shopping lists, even the most stubborn of us are allured.
And if you are wondering what to wear, misslikey decided that this year December Issue will be dedicated to holidays.
Since this year the whole DIY thing trend went far away first report regarding party dresses is idea for dress that you can make by yourself. If you are not big fan of DIY, this month here will be shown lot of inspirational goodies (party dresses, accessories, shopping reports and those on the budget)so make sure you mark misslikey on your holiday calendar.

How we going to make our DIY party dress:
DIY #1

My inspiration for holiday dress is Marc Bouwer dress that Zoë Lund wore for Manhattan Mag photo shoot back in 1985. Since I couldn't find similar dress in stores (only mini versions have detailed shoulders) I made myself ready to DIY. This dress has luxurious 70s cut but with eighties detailed shoulders I decided I'll say goodbye to eighties with style.

1. One free afternoon of creativity
2. Nice melody on the radio (recommendations- "Je t'aime... moi non plus" and Dinah Washington joints)
3. Simple long sleeved maxi black dress (in cheap version). Find one on eBay, in charity shop or cheap retail store. For easier handling with materials and chic outcome, recommendation is velvet, elastic cotton or jersey fabric.
4. 1 or 2 pack of studs (you choose-pyramid, dome or spikes) or sequins
5. Tailor chalk for marking
6. Needle and black thread if you will use sequins
Iron your dress. First try it in front of the mirror and with tailor chalk mark where you'll make your sequined or studded shoulders. Take it off and put it on table to be more precise. Pin the studs on marked area (or paste- consult in the place where you’ll buy them),If you are using sequins you'll need to sew them.

DIY #2
For those sick of eighties with the same kind of dress but with round lace cutout on the back

1. again attitude
2. again l
ong black dress.
3. lace (1 meter)
4. tailor chalk
5. scissors, needle and thread
First ask someone to assist you to (to hold your dress so it can be lined). Once again, with chalk mark the shape of your cutout and with scissors cut out the fabric. Then turn the fabric and on inner side sew your lace (be careful with edges and when you are buying lace ask for one that won’t shrink)

p.s. DIY is not because of recession(misslikey doesn't believe in words that are starting with R letter)- its because of creativity. So enjoy and be proud of yourself! You just made a dress and even you are not couturier you are member of my couture. And if you meet someone wearing the same dress buy her drink and remember of misslikey

photos of Zoe Lund via zoelund.com


Mai said...

Great DIY!

Kaya said...

Love the blog. Very nice. You have an interesting eye for art :)

By the way are you French?


misslikey said...

thank you Kaya. You are very nice No. I am not French :)

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Noémie K said...

great post dear !
I love your blog*°*°*°

Grace said...

My god the photos of the first dress are amazing. Excellent post my dear.

Love Grace.

TFP said...

Wow, Is awesome!! xo

Unknown said...

great diy. i would try it if i need a night dress.

Alberto Castro said...

Hi darling, I've been so busy lately, sorry for the late response! Your blog is allways amazing

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Olivia Liem said...

hey there, just found ur blog..THis is a great DIY, will try it on my LBD..thanks dear :)

btw, will be following ya :)

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swiss said...

Nice blog

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amazing post dear :)
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